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Beethoven Reloaded - Happy Birthday Ludwig Van is the second CD of the duo Anke Ohnmacht-Döling & Florian Döling: Florian Döling has arranged five Beethoven songs in his very special view for his wife and himself. Also present is the actress and speaker Petra Gack, who recites selected song texts and an excerpt from a letter by Beethoven. The last song features Mike Schweizer, an accomplished and sensitive soloist on tenor sax. The EP-CD (Extended Play = a CD standing between a single and a full album) with a playing time of 20:55 min. includes a 12-page booklet and is unwelded for the benefit of the planet.

    Anke Ohnmacht-Döling - violin
    Florian Döling - double bass
    Petra Gack - speaker
    Mike Schweizer - ternorsaxpohon
    Recording, Mix & Mastering: Florian Döling

Information about the planned concert program can be found here. In the "Extended Concert Version" also with Mike Schweizer (ts). CD order here.

For 2022/2023 a whole album is planned, with classical song compositions, not only by Beethoven, but always in the special view of the Dölings... Be curious!