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Advance notice: Rede vom Glück

Duo Tilman Günther (grand piano) & Florian Döling (double bass). A chamber music-like, intimate live recording from March 2023 in front of an extremely attentive and concentrated listening audience of 80. Marcus Rübsamen of the quiet music company spared no effort and captured the special intimacy of our music with a large set of historic microphones in combination with state-of-the-art technology.

  • Producer: Florian Döling
  • Recording: Marcus Rübsamen, the quiet music company
  • Mix & Mastering: Marcus Rübsamen, Florian Döling & Tilman Günther
  • Label: anflow records
  • CD-Format: Digipack, 10 Tracks, unwelded, with 8-page booklet (german only)
  • Booklet (D)
  • Release on June 1, 2023 - pre-orders available now
  •  Order no.: AR0005
  • 15,- Euro per CD
  •  digital album & samples: see online media

Keep The Beauty

More Than Four with Petra Gack - recitation, Mike Schweizer - saxophones, bass clarinet, Albrecht Haaf - grand piano, flutes, Florian Döling - double bass & Rolf Kilchling - drums, percussion

Marcus Rübsamen, together with Florian Döling the man for mixing & mastering, gives his opinion about the CD:

"Keep the Beauty is a very special album. Inspired by the beauty of our earth, the band composed 15 wonderful tracks that reflect the beauty and diversity of our earth in their range between jazz, lyricism and world music. In every moment you can feel the organic sound of the acoustic instruments and the musicians' interplay and joy of playing. A special highlight are the lyrical interludes of Petra Gack, who weaves wonderful texts into the music with a very clear, dynamic and accentuated voice.

During the recording and mixing, great attention was paid to the sound of the album, in order to capture the joy of playing, the high dynamics and the naturalness on the CD, while perfectly resolving all the fine structures of the accoustical instruments."

  • Producer: Florian Döling
  • Co-Producer: Albrecht Haaf, Mike Schweizer, Rolf Klichling & Petra Gack
  • Recording: Frank Schultz, pro ton music
  • Additionel recordings: Marcus Rübsamen, quiet-music-company
  • Mix & Mastering: Marcus Rübsamen & Florian Döling
  • Label: anflow records
  • CD format: Digipack, 15 tracks, unsealed, with 12-page booklet (german only)
  • Booklet (D)
  • Release July 2022
  • Order no.: AR0004
  • 15,- Euro per CD
  • digital album & samples see online media

Wenn ich ein Vöglein wär

Peter Kleindienst Trio with Peter Kleindienst - Gitarren, Florian Döling - Kontrabass & Frank Bockius - Drums

CD Beethoven Reloaded - Happy Birthday Ludwig Van

Duo Anke Ohnmacht-Döling (violin) & Florian Döling (double-bass) with Petra Gack (speaker) & Mike Schweizer (tenorsax)

CD Songs From The World For The World

Duo Anke Ohnmacht-Döling (Violin) & Florian Döling (Double-Bass)

  • Production, recording, mix & mastering: Florian Döling
  • Label: anflow records
  • CD-Trailer
  • CD package: digipack, unsealed, with 16-page booklet (german only)
  • CD released on december 2020
  • Order No: AR0001
  • Presse (german only) BZ, 15.1.21
  • 15,- Euro per CD
  • no digital download and no stream offered

CD New Horizons (Live)

Duo Michael Kiedaisch (Vibraphone) & Florian Döling (Double-Bass)

  • Production, recording & mix: Florian Döling
  • Mastering: Bauer Studios, Ludwigsburg/Germany
  • Label: recordJet, Berlin/Germany
  • CD-Trailer
  • CD package: digipack, unsealed, with 12-page booklet (in german only)
  • CD released on Jan. 2019
  • Catalog number.: RJ01
  • Press (German): BZ, 25.9.19
  • 15,- Euro CD
  • digital album & samples see online media

CD Conversation In Blue

  • Recording & mix: Florian Döling
  • Production: Gesine Bänfer & Florian Döling
  • Mastering: Thomas Bergmann
  • Label: ahalani records
  • CD-box: Digifile (no booklet), sealed
  • CD released in 2014
  • Catalog number.: ar0028
  • 15,- Euro CD
  • digital album available at ahalani records, no stream offered