Logo anflow

anflow records was founded in autumn 2020 by Florian Döling. After several CDs, which he managed as a producer and partly also as a recording engineer, it had been a strong wish of him to found his own label next to his work as a musician & composer in order to be artistically independent in his records releases. Respect for artistic independence is the focus of his collaboration with the musicians and bands who release records at anflow.

In Florian Döling's opinion, creating one's own records is an important step in the artistic development of every musician & band. From his point of view it is extremely important to keep this kind of artistic work alive and to bring it to the next generation. New ways of marketing music are added usefully and the listening and creation of a complete work of art is required and encouraged.

Stylistically at home in jazz and classical music, label founder Florian Döling has always been open to other styles. Therefore the first production on the new label is consciously neither jazz nor classical music, but rather the popular genre.

The Freiburg label focuses on productions by artists and bands who plan to release CDs in smaller editions, primarily for concert sales. As a rule, these CDs are offered in limited editions, without re-pressing. As high quality digipack with extensive booklet. Not welded for ecology reasons. Also the networking with the digital world, without giving up the album idea of a CD or LP, is one of the standards of the young label.

One aspect should be fulfilled: the musicians are ideally 'in flow' - a condition which every artist experiences as very fulfilling and satisfying, to dive into the music completely self-forgetting and to give themselves over to a creative frenzy.

By adding the "w", "flow" can be found in the label name, which otherwise results from the first name shortcut/initial of the label founder and his wife, the two interpreters of the premiere CD.

The foundation of an associated music publishing company is on the agenda for the next years.